Tulip Big Eye Applique Needles: Size 10


I LOVE Tulip Big Eye #10 Applique Needles for handwork, especially needle-turn applique. These high-quality needles are made in Japan and are nickel-plated steel, with gold plated eyes. They are polished lengthwise to ensure smooth fabric piercing and needle eyes are polished from both sides to ensure easy threading. I highly recommend these needles to all of my students as they glide right through your fabric, don’t easily bend, are easier to thread than most other applique needles, and you get what you pay for—they last a while. I tend to lose my needle before it wears down!

The package includes six high quality Japanese needles within a labeled, clear, cork topped tube.

NOTE:  If you are outside the US and are interested in purchasing this item, please order through my Etsy shop. Thank you!

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