Sew Speedy enamel needle minder


PLEASE NOTE: Sew Speedy needle minder is available for a special pre-order sale price now (orders will ship early July)

Don’t lose your needles with this cute (but strong) needle minder.

When you’re not using your sewing needles, let this sturdy magnetic enamel needle keeper hold them for you! Great for when you’re doing handwork on the couch, in the car or on the go. Leave it next to your sewing machine to hold your used needles until you can properly dispose of them. It’s also a handy tool to have when you inevitably drop your needles or pins and need something magnetic to pick them up!

Needle minder is 1″ in diameter and includes a second magnet, so you can attach it to the project you’re working on—a quilt, fabric in your embroidery hoop or even your sleeve. Your needles will stay attached to the top even when the second magnet is removed.

Bonus! When you’re not using it to hold your needles, use it as a  fashion accessory! The strong second magnet makes it great for lapels or bags to show off your love of sewing.

Keep it for yourself or give to a friend who sews.

NOTE:  If you are outside the US and are interested in purchasing this item, please order through my Etsy shop. Thank you!

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Product Description

the details

• Measures 1″ diameter
• Hard enamel nickel-plated badge with strong epoxied magnet
• Additional detachable magnet included

Please use common sense and keep needle minders out of reach from children and animals. Needle minder is small and can be a choking hazard (plus you’ll have sharp objects attached to it!).


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