Typecast Letters for Quilters Unlimited


Thank you for registering for The A to Z of EPP workshop!
Please read the following requirements and options carefully:

Each student registered for The A to Z of EPP workshop will need to pre-order either Option 1 or Option 2 by January 4, 2024 in order to ensure shipping/delivery in time for class.

Option 1: 
purchase both:
• the Typecast EPP Pattern Guide found here ($10)
• at least 1 Typecast paper letter from the drop-down menu BELOW ($5 each)
If you would like to practice sewing curves, which is highly recommended, be sure to select letters that contain a curve.

Option 2:
purchase the Complete Typecast Paper Pack with the EPP Pattern Guide here , all 26 letters included ($83.99)

If you glue baste (will be demonstrated in class), your paper templates can be reused over and over to make multiple quilt projects. Customize your own words and phrases to design your own quilted projects! If you have any questions about ordering or materials, please email me.

Take advantage of $5 flat rate shipping:
Need thin Milliner needles for class / English paper piecing?
Add them to your order here.
Mind your needles! Want to pick up an optional Sew Speedy needle minder? Add it to your order here.

I look forward to meeting you in class!


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